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. look at afghanistan with karzai, sure we support the united states, you are not going against supporting the united states. but back room deal. >> yemen is trying to get rid . >> president obama sanctioned the air strike specifically against alaki who is the iman who is tied to the fort hood shooter and abdullmuttallab . he managed to survive the air strike before christmas. >> and the president wrapped up counter terrorism against yemen and spent 67 million last year alone. five million in 2006 . it is ramped up the president is serious about that and airport security. we are finding out that the pat downs, one of the second screening efforts are effectism. you have an underwear bomber, how in the world is a pat down going to catch something. >> how is it that they are doing it? >> it wouldn't matter in i demonstrate you. >> do i have to do this? >> you cannot board the plane. >> this is all they do. they do the side touching and quick side touch that's it. >> that's it. >> and if the underwear bomber had stuff hidden where -- >> you're dangerous. the point is they are so pol
to things that was not possible. socialism in america and president of the united states firing the ceo of general motors and chrysler secured bond holders vilified . what is happening to this country that i love? literally the first week of march after looking at one too many headlines i said hell no. i started brighting a novel. that can personalize it and deliver the information in a way people can acess in an easy to read fashion. >> final point here, the patriots point of view is why you wrote the novel. what is the patriots point of view. >> a patriot gets back to his values and fights for his values. our country was built on captitalism and small government. at the are the had of the country, you have to live to your value. if you don't live to your value in the times of chrisis, you would escape what you really are. appreciate you for joining us. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> dave and allie in the green room. someone is in there that i will see right now. >> president obama is sitting down with president george h. wbush. we'll tell you why. >> hillary clinton and
fights will probably rest on one vote in the united states senate. opponents have poured money in your state. by defeeting ted kennedy with a republican opponent they will tie up the senate on health care reform and financial reform and other issues important to working family in massachusetts and the nation. >> there president obama producing an on line adto bost martha cokely's campaign. or the people's seat. we have learned that the president will cam tain per cokely in massachusetts tomorrow ahead of tuesday's election . if cokely doesn't win the race is the administration's entire agenda here in jeopardy. here is the joanna rice and conservative radio talk show host michael graham. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this is a fascinating race. just a few weeks ago martha cokely was cruising and what happened? >> she campaigned . blown it up and on vacation . started compain. absolute disaster. one thing to run a tv adthat misspells massachusetts and then bashed scott brown with the world trade center and had to pull that . then a horrific, i think yesterday with an e
first before you board a flight to the united states. not so. turns out prior to the attempted bombing, they didn't check their visas until they were in the air. it was a policy. it was not just an oversight. this is the federal policy. here is a quote from an obama official. the problem was not the misspelling but the system designed prior to christmas day at post, at main state, and nctc, the system did not require anyone to focus on the existence of the vis a. they are reeing the policy. but what is the point of the policy. why review the passport or visa when you are in the air if you contain them on the ground. >> explain the logic of even if they don't try to blow up the plane as you hope and it actually lands. still it is somebody's visa doesn't check out, you have to deport them back? >> you land the flight and stop in green land across thuar say you need to get off the flight. we fail to check your visa. it is a bigger problem. the rail system in this country. it would take amtrak and so forth. they don't check id's until you are on the train an hour into the train and then ch
the wrong spelling and didn't realize that this man had an united states vis a. they didn't run multiple spellings on his name. even when we do a google search, we figure out that we might misspell a world. how did the state department not do that. >> you go through the airport. if you have a junior, we heard this problem recent a junior without i period, they are not even allowing you on airplanes. this is what they had to say. take a listen. >> it probably did affect the ricknition in the system that there was a valid visa and this this individual had a valid vis a. it appear as the white house report said this affected the risk assessment. >> i have such an odd spelling of my name. >> i still can't spelling. >> i even misspell my own name. you think that the system would correct and substitute an o for a y. that is a design flaw. you have to spell it exactly. >> perhaps if you have your name misspelled you can get on the white house guest list. that's what unfolded. when i go on a party or trip i post my photos. that's what a third party crashers did. posting the photos to micasa. the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5